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Make your own designs on packaging boxes for iPhone & Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 cases
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Clear Plastic Box (PVC Box) with Blister and Paper Card.     Item Code: H-02
MOQ - Buy in Stock: 100 units; Custom Design: 1,000 units/design.
Note: High Shipping Cost for H-02
DHL/FedEx will charge it by dimension, approx 500 USD to USA for 1,000 units.
Fitness - iPhone 4/4S/5, Galaxy S3/S4 Cases
Size: 180*80*20mm     Unit Weight: 60g     Material: PVC, Paper
iPhone Case Plastic Box
iPhone Case PVC Boxes
Clear iPhone Case Box

Printing Paper Box with Blister.     Item Code: P-02
for Models: iPhone 4/5, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 Cases
MOQ of Custom Design: 1,000 units/design
Size: 184*93*20mm    Weight: 24g     Material: Paper, PVC
Paper Boxes Packaging for iPhone Cases Blank Paper Boxes Packaginges

Blank Zip Lock Plastic Bag.    Item Code: Z-01
for Models: iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, Samsung Galaxy S3.
MOQ: Packaging with Custom Sticker(Logo or Text Printing): 1,000 units; Buy Blank Packaging: 500 units;
Size: 170*80mm     Unit Weight: 3.1g     Material: PVC
Zip Lock Packaging for iPhone Cases Zip Lock Packaging for iPhone Cases
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